My name is Anne Marie de Haan, owner of Karmijntekst, independent webediting and webdesign agency.

  • Do you need a website with blog that is integrated easily with LinkedIn or facebook?
  • Do you need this website to be found easily in search engines like Google (SEO)?
  • Are you looking for an easy CMS systeem to modify your texts and images?
  • Would you like to be able to add films, newsletters, payfunctions and blogs to this site?
  • And for a reasonable price?


I can help you with a WordPress instruction!

In a four hour training you can create a new WordPress site and you will learn the basics of  WordPress. With one of the pre fabricated WordPress themes (designs) you can build a very professional looking WordPress site bouwen with blog and additional apps. You will learn how to maintain your own website and to place new texts and images.  WordPress has the advantage to be easily foun din Google. Karmijntekst.n is also made in WordPress.

In addition it is also possible to have your own design made by Karmijntekst. Take a look at these website that have been created with the help of Karmijntekst.

Rates (excl tax)

  • WordPress 4 hour WordPress training : 300,- euro. 

For the following services there will be extra costs:

  • Installation WordPress on your own domain: eur 200,- (excl abonnement).
  • Installation and instruction webshop: 300,- euro.
  • Implementation own/custom design (WordPress theme) for your website: Simple design: 500 euro,- ( incl testtheme and eventually result. Advanced design: 1000,- 

If you would like to make a (free) appointment with me, so I can give you more information and hear what kind of service you would like to have, please contact me via or 00-31-24-7519228.